What is Real Estate Tokenization?


Real Estate Tokenization is the process of digitizing a property to make shared ownership more efficient and to enhance liquidity for investors. The Real Estate asset is represented digitally in the form of a token which is linked to a blockchain.


The tokens can be traded on secondary markets on a global scale and tasks such as the payment of dividends and interests are automated.

Real Estate Tokenization
digitize real estate

What Assets Can Be Digitized?


When it comes to Real Estate, a variety of assets can be tokenized, such as:


  • (Partial) ownership of a property
  • Equity in a legal structure that owns the asset
  • An interest in the debt secured by the property
  • A cash flow stream that comes from the asset

The Benefits of Real Estate Tokenization

Digital Shares & Liquidity

Tokenized Real Estate can be traded on global secondary markets 24/7, which drastically enhances liquidity for investors.

Global Fundraising

It allows funds to be raised on a global scale and the digital shares can be traded without any geographical restrictions.

Efficient Management

It makes shared ownership in Real Estate more efficient, as tasks can be automated, such as the payment of interest and dividends.


Tokenization enables the democratization of Real Estate investment, as it allows property ownership to be fractionated easily.

The Process of Tokenizing Real Estate

Definition of the token and the investor’s rights

Legal Structure and Memorandum

Development of the Token through smart contracts

Fundraising Campaign (Security Token Offering)

Integration on Secondary Markets

  • Property Tokenization

    • Digitize an Asset on Icofunding
    • Sell digital shares and raise funds
    • Manage investors through Icofunding
    • Legal and tech solution

  • White Label Solution

    • Your own branded tokenization platform
    • No coding required
    • Unlimited STOs can be launched
    • Your own user data base