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Do you want to launch an ICO?

At Icofunding, we support innovative startups in achieving their funding goals, by helping them launch their ICO that will be hosted on our platform.

We have a multidisciplinary team with experience in the ICO scene that carefully selects the projects to be hosted on our platform.
Once a project starts working with Icofunding, our team works closely together with the startup to organize a successful token sale.



Technical Solutions
ICO smart contract


We develop and deploy the smart contracts for your ICO.
They are audited by third parties to ensure security.

ICO governance


With CGS, you can organize how the funding is going to be distributed based on milestones. Like this, you will be able to trasmit transparency and trust to token buyers.

Marketing Solutions
ICO marketing


The marketing and PR of an ICO is very particular and requires knowledge of the industry. We have an in-house marketing team with experience in promoting ICOs that sets up a marketing strategy for your token sale.

ICO expert


Once the strategy is closed, the ICO can execute the marketing plan in-house or decide to work with one of our partners.

Fundraising Solutions
ICO marketing

Listing on our platform

Your ICO will be launched on our platform, open to our community and beyond.

ICO expert


As part of our services, we will introduce you to cryptoinvestors and other experts that can validate your ICO project.

Steps of the


Create ICO



First, you will need to fill in our intake form. Like this we will know a little bit more about your plans.

Launch ICO


First Assessment

Once we have received your form, we will review the information you have provided us.

Create ICO


Introductory call

We don’t take on all projects, but if your project meets our standards, we will get in touch with you for an introductory call in which we can meet each other and share more information.

ICO launch


In Depth Assessment

We will ask you for more information and documents to get more insights on your project. Our team of experts will analyze the received documents and review it carefully.


Final Decision

Based upon the insights from the previous steps, we will take a decision wheter to start working with a project and make you a collaboration proposal.

Create ICO


Contract Signing

Once agreed on the collaboration proposal, we will sign a contract to start working.

ICO launch


Preparation of ICO

After the contract is signed, it’s time to start setting up the ICO! Here you will be in touch with different experts of our team, from tech to marketing.

Upcoming ICO


ICO Execution

Once everything is ready, it is time to execute your ICO and achieve your funding goals!


Post ICO

After your campaign we’ll keep in contact as a part of our community.

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We consider ourselves fortunate for being part of a (fin)tech and crowdfunding revolution in this early stage. We have noticed that more and more people are getting interested in learning more about ICOs, but that there is not a space where these people can find good content and interact with those who have knowledge of the subject. That is why we have created the Icofunding School.

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