The platform to digitize assets and securities

  • STO Issuance Platform
    Issue tokenized assets and securities in a simple and secure way.
  • Investors Subscription
    Onboard investors through Icofunding’s platform (KYC, AML and accreditation).
  • Cap Table Management
    Obtain real-time information about your investors.

Ready to digitize assets and raise funds?

How to Issue Security Tokens with Icofunding

digitize asset

Choose the type of asset to digitize

The launch of a STO starts with deciding what financial product will be tokenized and what rights will be given to the investors.

legal structure token sale

Set up of the Legal Structure

Our legal team sets up the required legal structure and prepares all legal documentation.

smart contracts sto

Digitization of the Asset

We create the smart contracts for the tokens, in which the investor's rights are programmed.

raise funds sto

Launch on Icofunding's Platform

Investors are onboarded on our platform and will pass through a KYC/AML process before getting accredited.

issue security tokens

Raise Funds

Your token sale will be hosted on Icofunding's platform where investors can participate with fiat and several cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

cap table sto

Manage Your Cap Table

Once your investment round is over, you can easily manage your cap table in real-time on Icofunding.

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