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Legal Structure | Smart Contracts | KYC/AML

What is a

Security Token

Security tokens are similar to traditional securities, such as equity, but build and programed on blockchain. By doing so, they’re capable of making illiquid investments a lot more liquid and they’re democratizing the venture capital market.

Security tokens can be traded, sold or hold, just like utility tokens. However, security tokens are actually backed by something tangible: such as the profits, revenue or assets of the company issuing the token.


Security tokens can make illiquid investments a lot more liquid, which makes this type of token attractive for investors.

Programmable Assets

Security tokens can array a variety of rights that are stated in the smart contract that has been created for the token.

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Go Global

Achieve your funding goals by selling security tokens to supporters from all over the world.

Differences between

Utility and Security Tokens

As the ERC20 standard implied the expansion of dApps through the issuance of utility tokens, security tokens will imply the expansion of tokenized assets in the financial industry.

Security Token Features

  • Traditional financial products (such as equity and debt)
  • Automatic dividend/interest payment
  • Execution of voting rights
  • Define vesting/lock up periods

Security Token Requirements

  • KYC and AML requirements
  • Whitelisting and blacklisting
  • Fund recovery if private keys are lost
  • Restrict sends over/under certain amounts

Services for STOs

Legal Structure & Documentation

We set up the legal structure and requiered documentation to launch a Security Token in a fully compliant way.


The intervention of an authorised Broker Dealer is required in most jurisdictions to launch a STO. At Icofunding we have partnerships with different broker dealers to do so.

Smart Contract Development

We develop and deploy the smart contracts for your Security Token. Our smart contracts are audited by third parties to assure security.

KYC/AML & Token Acquisition Interface

We create an adapted Token Acquisition Interface for your STO. This interface includes a modular KYC process embedded to comply with AML regulatory requirements.

How to

Launch your own STO

1. Legal Structure

2. Required Documentation

3. Intervention of a broker-dealer

4. Smart Contract Development

5. Token Acquisition Interface and KYC/AML

6. STO Launch

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