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A lightpaper is a summary of the white paper of an ICO/STO including the most relevant information about the project and its token.

KYC or Know Your Customer are a serie of due diligence activities that financial institutions and regulated companies must perform, likewise many ICOs have to do these procedures to verify their investors. It’s a process in which information from investors is recollected and verified.  

The Howey Test is a test to determine whether an asset (or a token) represents an investment contract and if so, should be classified as a security.  

The Yellow Paper is similar to the White Paper and is a document created by the team launching a token. Where the White Paper is an overall description of the project and has its marketing purposes, whereas the Yellow Paper focusses more on the technical side of the project.  

The White Paper is a document issued by new blockchain projects that are launching their own token. In this document, they inform potential token buyers about their technology, the tokenomics, the roadmap, the team and other relevant information.

When an ICO/STO has a whitelist, you have to register to be able to participate in their token sale. Technically, if you get accepted for the whitelist, you’re approved to buy tokens, so often this includes the KYC process. However, some ICOs have used a whitelist registration purely for gathering data. In these cases, people

In ICOs, the vesting period refers to the lock up period of tokens. For example, most ICOs lock up the tokens for the team for 1 or 2 years. This means that only after the vesting period, the team will receive their tokens and be able to trade them.

An utility token is a type of token represents the future access to a company’s product of services. They’re designed to not be seen as investments, however investors can potentially get profit if the demand for the token increases and they sell their tokens.

A Token Sale, also called ICO or TGE (and in the case of security tokens: STO), is an initial sale of a new token. It is often divided in 3 phases: a private sale, a presale and a crowdsale. During the ICO, the price of the token is often reduced and early adopters receive bonuses

TGE stands for “Token Generation Event”, and is a synonyms of ICO or Token Sale. It represents the initial sale of tokens of a specific project in exchange of cryptocurrency.