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Digitize Assets and Raise Funds

On Icofunding, companies can digitize financial assets and securities by using blockchain technology, a process called “tokenization”.


The asset will be represented digitally in the form of a token that can be integrated with secondary markets on a global scale and automate tasks such as the payment of dividends and interests.

What assets and securities can be tokenized?

  • Equity and debt
  • Real Estate
  • VC Investments
  • Services and goods of companies

Icofunding’s Platform

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Legal Structure & Tech

We take care of the legal structure and tech aspects of the tokenization of assets.

Investment Platform

Onboard investors (KYC/AML compliant) and sell your tokens on our platform.

Investor Portal and Automation

Easily manage your cap table (real-time) and automate dividend and interest payment.

Are you ready to digitize assets and raise funds?

They are already raising funds on Icofunding