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Tokenization Platform

We digitalize assets by using blockchain technology.

Why Tokenize Securities

  • It improves liquidity, blockchain allows ownerships rights to be transferred in an easy way
  • It makes fractional and trustless ownership possible
  • Automated dividend/interest payment

What Can Be Tokenized

  • Equity or debt of companies
  • Real Estate
  • Investment funds
  • Assets owned by individuals and companies


Legal Structure & Broker Dealer

We help our clients setting up the required legal structure and documentation that is necessary to launch and commercialize a token.

Tech & Smart Contracts

Once the token structure has been set up, we develop the smart contracts for the token and the token acquisition interface that will ensure a safe sale.


Our Token Acquisition Interfaces have modular KYC proceses embedded to comply with AML regulatory requirements.

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Our Token Sales


Stellerro™ is an alternative investment banking platform, automated, in-scale, determined to bring liquidity to the digital era. This STO is currently live.

Grupo NEXT

A platform that detects the needs of a car and finds the most suitable companies to solve those needs, making sure drivers get the best deals while car service companies receive high qualified leads.

sto for movie
STO movie
New Gold

New Gold is the first movie to launch a Security Token to raise funds. More information will be published in the following weeks.


Skyllz by Workkola aims to build a distributed, meritocratic, transparent and unified platform to assess, validate and empower human skills.

Meal Token by Nostrum

With more than 160 restaurants, Nostrum is the first European franchise in the home meal replacement sector. In 2014 the company was floated on the MAB (Alternative Stock Market) in Madrid.


Flixxo mixes Bittorrent and blockchain to create the first decentralized and incentivized network for video distribution. Watch. Share. Earn! This ICO is finished and raised $5.5 million.

How to

Launch a Token with Icofunding


First you’ll have to fill in our intake form. We’ll carefully review your project to see whether it meets Icofunding’s standards.

Preparation of the token sale

If your project gets approved, we will work as one team and guide you in every step of the way to successfully launch your ICO.

ICO or STO launch

We’ll prepare and deploy the ICO smart contracts and help your company raising funds through blockchain technology!


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